Use any NFT to cross The Mad Portal, seek the Paragon and return with loot, experience, and rewards. You might even find a Minion to aid the quest!

The fabric of reality is unravelling and portals are out of control. A rogue Paragon is on the loose. Journey through the mad portals to find the powerful culprit!

Seekers have searched endlessly for the Paragons. Now that their worlds are under threat, finding Paragons has never been more critical. Send your Seekers out on missions to retrieve loot, NFTs, and collectibles. Only the greatest among you will find what you ultimately seek– the Paragon.

10,000 Seekers will mint and begin their search for the Paragons. Fantastic art, episodic lore and game mechanics will add immersion to a collection that serves as a rallying point for the Paragon community and a rewards system for the platform itself.