Paragon Machine, LLC

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*One-five axis Puma 2500 LSY with live tooling, sub spindle, Y-axis, part catcher and parts conveyor. It is equipped with a 10" main spindle and 6" sub-spindle, also includes a 3" bar feeder.
*One-two axis Puma 250L with a 12" chuck / 52" between centers.
*One-two axis Puma 280 with a 10" chuck / 28" between centers.
*One-two axis Topper TNL100A with an 8" chuck / 18" between centers.
*One-two axis Mazak Nexus 250II with a 10" chuck / 24" between
CNC Lathe
CNC Mill
*One-four axis (full 4th) vertical CNC machining center 20" x 40" (40 taper).
*One-four axis (indexer) vertical CNC machining center 20" x 40" (40 taper).
Manual Equipment
*One Kingston Gap Bed Lathe, 18" chuck / 72" between centers.
*One Kingston Lathe 10" chuck / 48" between centers.
*One Kingston Knee Mill.
*One automated H90A1 Hem Saw 12" diameter capacity.
*One manual Well Saw 12" diameter capacity.
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